Our Vision: Caring for all God’s children and following Jesus’ example by welcoming everyone, regardless of race, national origin, social or financial status, gender, age, sexual orientation or anything else.


Who we are: Pine Valley is an intimate gathering of diverse people. We are single, divorced, married with plants, coupled with children, thirty something, old fogeys, giggly girls, filthy rich (not so much), poor as dirt, can’t carry a tune in a bucket, professional musicians, skeptics, seekers, doubters, conservatives, liberals, left-out, kicked out, un-churched, de-churched, gay, straight, Protestant, Catholic, orthodox, heretics, workaholics, obsessive compulsive, just passing through and YOU!

Our invitation: We invite you to attend our services and events.  We are a Christian community that loves God and our Neighbor, where everyone is welcome at Christ’s table.  God accepts you just as you are and so do we.