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Meditation ~ Lessons We Have Learned From David

Reading from our tradition ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:15-17

The PVCC Choir will be singing the Song of Mission ~ A Gaelic Blessing – Rutter


This week we say good-bye to David as our Pastor, but not as our friend.  While David and Sally are stepping away from us as Pastor and Pastor’s wife, they continue to be our friends and part of the family.

While this week’s service will be a celebration of the time we have had with David and Sally, a sharing of the lessons which they have taught us, it is not the end of the road.  We have the opportunity to take our teachings forward and change the world as David has taught us.

To lead us through this journey, Carolyn and Ken come aboard to move us back onto the point of our wedge blade.  Carolyn’s arrival takes us to the next phase of our journey as we move to stability and newness.  Carolyn brings a new energy to share with the congregation.

The foundation which David has laid is a great place for Carolyn to build.  Together, we will all move forward together as a congregation, as friends, as a family.

Peace and Blessings! Nat


David and Sally’s time with us is quickly coming to a close.  On Sunday, October 26, WAM is planning a special worship service with the theme, “Lessons We Have Learned From David”.  Several members will participate in the service and Jeff is planning special music.  Following the service on the 26th, we will have a pie extravaganza in the Grace Room.  Everyone is invited to bring their favorite pie to share.  We all know how much David loves pie.  Be sure and bring your personal card or note to David and Sally.  This is your time to share the lesson you learned or just to write a note.

WAM and Hospitality


I have started handing out contribution statements to those who pledged for 2014. These statements are a bit different from previous statements, and hopefully have a bit more useful information. First, there is a summary of giving as compared to your pledge for the year. It will show your pledged amount, how much you’ve given through early October, and how much is left for the year.

The second part of the statement shows all contributions for the first nine months of the year. This includes special offerings (Easter, Reconciliation, etc.) as well as pledged giving.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Greg Yarnell


     Save the Date! NOVEMBER 8! Please make plans now to attend and support the 20th Annual Alternative Gift Market which will be held on Saturday, November 8 from 10 am – 4 pm at Grace Presbyterian Church (5002 E. Douglas, Wichita).

In addition to shoppers, we’ll need volunteers to staff the PVCC booth:  Project # 16: Give Babies a Smile (China) in which orphaned babies born with cleft palates have surgical procedures to repair the birth defect. We have also been asked to take another booth: Project #19: Backpacks Full of Medicine (Burma).

Lorrie Beck


St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton – in Mother Seaton Hall on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 9:30 am and at St. Peter, Schulte on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 9:30 am. More information to follow at a later date. These are specific dates where you can get certified at other locations then Sedgwick County health department. Food Handlers Cards issued by the City of Wichita are required for all persons working or volunteering in food establishments within the city limits of Wichita. The food handlers cards are free after taking a 2 hour class led by the Sedgwick County health department (every other Saturday, these require reservations).


     When I was very young, there was a song that the congregation would often sing to close a church service.  “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love; the fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.  We share each other’s woes, each other’s burdens bear, and often for each other flows the sympathizing tear.”    The Spriggs family would like to express our deepest gratitude to the members of the Pine Valley Christian Church and Rev. Hansen who shared their genuine kindness and fellowship to make the memorial service for Ruthie a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary woman.  Adam, Sarah, and I would like to especially thank those who prepared the sanctuary, displays, and meal for our family.  It was all perfect!  We could truly feel the sincere “tie that binds our hearts…” at Pine Valley.               

David Spriggs    



Rev. David Hansen’s meditation ~ Making Our Way in God’s World                

Reading from our tradition ~ Matthew 22:15-22

The PVCC Choir will be singing the Anthem ~ From a Distance – Gold / Chinn


Dear Friends,

This is my last contribution to the Communicator as your Interim Pastor. I’ll keep it brief. I came to Pine Valley just about two years ago to the day. We were strangers then—seems hard to believe—and now we are friends, good friends. Sally and I cherish the time we have been together. We cannot forget the amazing leadership so many members give in worship, the outstanding music Judy, Jeff and the choir bring each week, the thoughtful prayers and the moving meditations. I think this is the first time in my ministry that I have had not one but two members of the congregation tell me that they wanted to preach on Sunday morning! What a wonderful testimony to the vitality of the Spirit among us. We have branched out into new ministries. People walked on the information picket line, stood in the parking lot of Wal-Mart to stand up for the rights of workers, traveled to Georgia to call for closing the School of the Americas, walked in the Gay Pride Parade, cleaned up along the river, visited the homeless under a bridge, and been engaged in countless other ministries too numerous to mention here. And we never lost sight of the pastoral ministry of care for one another, which has so enriched our lives personally following Sally’s operation. What a joy and privilege to be part of this community!

Sally and I share your anticipation as you look forward to welcoming Carolyn and Ken next week. It is fitting that as she begins her ministry with you that we should step away. So for the next couple of months we are going to be elsewhere on Sunday morning. We will miss you even as we remain deeply thankful for your friendship—which we hope will continue and deepen in the coming years.

Peace, David


For two years, David and Sally have cheered us on, as they rode beside us on the roller coaster of life.  Beginning with the pain of separation, as we started up the hill mourning the separation which was fresh, through the downward increase in momentum which took us through the twists and turns keeping us moving forward, to the sudden stop at the end, as we send them out into the world to continue on with retirement, by our side they have been.

Over the next two weeks, David will share his thoughts and wishes for our congregation as we start the next ride on the roller coaster with Carolyn and Ken. We will celebrate David and Sally through our “Sharing of Lessons Learned from David”.  Each member of the congregation is encouraged to write a message to David and Sally sharing something that we will take forward.

While we will be walking down the path to the fork in the road, we will each be encouraged to continue down the path less traveled.  While David and Sally will not physically be with us, they will be with us in the lessons and experiences that we have explored, learned, and remembered.  We have all grown in the past two years with their guidance.

Peace and Blessings! Nat