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JOIN US AT PINE VALLEY CHRISTIAN CHURCH ON THE FIRST ADVENT SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30. Join us for the Advent Season which begins this Sunday. As we light the first Advent candle we pray for Hope. Rev. Carolyn Schwarz will share the Message “Hope: The Gospel According to Simeon“. Reading from our Tradition “Luke 2:22-36″. The PVCC Choir will be singing the Anthem “Will We Know Him?” – Besig/Price. The Seekers Class and Sunday School are at 9:00 am and the Worship Service is at 10:15 am. Pine Valley Christian Church is located at 5620 E 21st Street North, Wichita, KS.


There is a deep spiritual hunger within all of us. It is a hunger of having known once, long before, a very precious truth that has somehow slipped from our grasp. It is our human condition and so we spend a lot of time groping on our hands and knees in the dark, hoping to find a light that will reveal the meaning of life. Other times we chase after whatever earthly treasure that might fill the void. Whether chasing or groping, we yearn for a lantern to illuminate our path. What we need is Emmanuel, the Light of the World, to come to us and reveal truth and meaning. And that perhaps is what Advent is about. Advent is the season that reminds us that the earthly trinkets we mistake for treasure we’ve been seeking isn’t the true treasure after all.   The treasure we seek is found in Christ who is our Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

This season I will have a sermon series based on the traditional Advent Candles.

Advent 1, November 30: Hope Advent 2, December 7:  Peace Advent 3, December 14: Joy Advent 4: December 21: Love

Please worship with your family at Pine Valley this Advent as we re-discover the treasures of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Grace and Peace,

Pastor Carolyn


We have received our family from Oaklawn School for this Christmas.  It is a family of seven with five children from age 7 to 17.  The list of items requested will be available this Sunday in the foyer.  The presents do not need to be wrapped.  All items need to be returned to the church by December 7th.  As always, if you don’t like to shop, I will accept cash or checks made out to the church.  If you have any questions, please call me.  Thanks, Carmen.


We would once again this year like to decorate the Great Hall with Poinsettia plants for: Christmas Sunday, December 21, 2014 and Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24, 2014. The cost per plant this year is $8.00. Order forms will be available on Sunday. Orders and payments must be received in the Pine Valley church office no later than Sunday, December 14, 2014.


The annual business meeting will be held January 11th after church. We will vote on the 2015 budget and vote in Nominees for Secretary and Financial Secretary.


This fall we are using the DVD series, Living the Questions as our study guide.  The study materials are available in a PDF download.  Sunday, November 30 we will re-visit lesson #7 Out into the World: Challenges Facing Progressive Christians because we would like more discussion on the topic. We welcome any newcomers or returners. Please contact Bill Delaney or Muffin Overstreet if you would like to receive the PDF files for this series.



Natalie Byington will continue training in everyday nonviolence strategies Sunday, November 30 after worship in the Grace Room.  This session will conclude the 2014 fifth-Sunday education series sponsored by the Faith Sharing Spirit Team.  A light lunch will be served.



The Apostle Paul tells us, “Be thankful in all things.” When I count my blessings I am thankful for the Thanksgiving Special Day Offering of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The Thanksgiving Offering provides direct support to Disciples colleges, universities and theological institutions. Disciples have a long history of post-secondary and theological education. This offering provides a direct connection to 14 colleges or universities, 3 seminaries and 4 seminary foundations/divinity houses. Gifts from the Disciples Mission Fund Thanksgiving Offering continue a Disciples tradition of developing leaders for our communities and the church.

The offering has directly helped me because it supports Phillips Theological Seminary where I was able to prepare for ordained ministry. At Phillips my theological understanding enlarged in exciting ways. It felt like a door was thrown wide open. Not only did I receive excellent preparation, but it also changed my whole life. So many people have been aided for ordained ministry as well, including Robin and Leigh. And because of the help given to us for excellent, well grounded scholarly preparation the long term effects go to help the churches we serve as well.

So join me in counting the Thanksgiving Special Day Offering as a blessing in our lives by supporting it as we receive our offering this week.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Carolyn


What an amazing cold front that moved through the area to provide the first snow of the year. I hope this finds you all having survived the white stuff without too many hindrances.

As we come upon this Thanksgiving season, we are reminded to be thankful for the small stuff, like the moisture the snow becomes as we finally warm up. Whether it’s the boss not appreciating a task that was accomplished, you hit every red light on the ride home, the kids can’t be left home alone without fighting, or you open your mouth and your significant other thinks you are mad at them, it is difficult on hard days to find those things to be thankful for. Not only are these the times for us to find the small things to be thankful for but they are also the time for us to remember to take care of ourselves.

As Christians we spend much of our time working for others but unless we take care of ourselves, we will not be healthy enough to help others.

When times are tough, it is even more important to care for yourself. This Thanksgiving season take time to be thankful for yourself while taking some time to rejuvenate.

Peace and Blessings!



Join us for the annual Thanksgiving Worship Service and Feast on Sunday, November 23. The Worship Service will be at 10:30 am and the Feast will be at 11:00 am. Pine Valley Christian Church Choir will be singing the Anthem. The Life Transformation Church Choir will be singing the Special Music. The Feast is a traditional meal, including turkey & ham. Please bring your own table service in addition to the food you have signed up to provide. The Seekers Class and Sunday School will not be meeting.