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A couple of years ago and it was beginning at a slow, lazy pace Saturday. My brother was staying with us and we were idly eating breakfast thinking about the day, when we decided on a day trip in the Shenandoah mountains. That was not hard to do since we lived only an hours drive away. My brother had the first of his brain surgeries and was recovering. I was on Sabbatical. There was nothing urgent. Soon we were up on the cool, leafy drive looking at the valley below or at the mountains across from us. Then the speculation began, what if we see a bear! So the search was on. Would we see a bear?


My brother mentioned, you know we could just stay the night here. It didn’t matter that we had nothing with us in the way of clean clothes, toothbrushes and such. Sure…of course… why not! So at one of the ranger stations we were able to call ahead to a lodge and hurray – there was a vacancy! We got the stuff we needed at the camp store. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo and a bit of food.


We hit the road and enjoyed the beautiful foliage when sure enough – right in front of us was a juvenile, black bear. We stopped to admire and of course for Ken to get photos. But that wasn’t the end of the experience. By the time we got to the lodge we spotted 3 black bears! We were beside ourselves with excitement. My brother’s mantra for the rest of the day was, “I love bears!” We even got matching bear T-Shirts at the lodge gifts shop to celebrate the bears. “I love bears.”


Sometimes we have bears inside us. They are dormant, and then all of a sudden they are running around, creating emotional havoc, making their presence known. Elisha the prophet was an important man. He was God’s mouthpiece. But try mocking him and “Arghh!” Elisha roars and his internal bears come running.

I bet Elisha felt so much regret. He was a good man. He cured people of leprosy, raised the dead, and multiplied bread to feed the hungry. Except he had bears.   Here’s the thing: we all have a pair of bears lurking in the underbrush. Carl Jung taught that each one of us has a “shadow aspect.” Your shadow in an unconscious aspect of your personality, the least desirable part of who you are, the part you don’t want to acknowledge. Elisha was a wonder-worker, and he was petty, angry, and proud. He wouldn’t accept those parts of himself. So they lurked in the woods, waiting to surprise him. The man didn’t know his bears. When they leapt into his life they raged out of his control.

For sure we learn in life that it is better if you better know your bears. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. For only when we see ourselves for who we truly are can we hope to calm our bears, soothe them, and even use them. If we don’t, they’ll use us. If you get to know your bears you know, the better they are to love.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Carolyn

Gala and Auction

The annual Gala and Auction for the Disciples Center at Tawakoni will begin at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 24, at the camp. Over $23,500 was raised in 2014 for the camp.

Schedule:      10:30 Check-in & Silent Auction.       12:10 Chapel Dedication.       12:30 Dinner in Dining Hall & Live Auction


Tickets are $30 per person. Let’s fill a table again this year from Pine Valley. See Pastor Carolyn to register.


“Good Enough”  Carolyn Schwarz

1 Corinthians 11:23b-29, 33-34

Communion Sunday on October 4


Ken Schwarz, Carmen Bell, Diana Daffron, and Lorrie Beck will be representing PVCC at the CROP Walk on Sunday, October 4.  If you made a pledge to any of the walkers, please bring your payment on Sunday as the funds have to be submitted at the time of the Walk. If you haven’t supported the CROP Walk this year and would like to, any of the walkers will gladly accept your dollars and/or checks to aid in the elimination of hunger and poverty!


Seekers class will start Jesus Through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture on September 27.  Muffin will lead the discussion on chapters 1 & 2.  The class will gather informally on October 4 to chat about current events and resume on October 11 at which time Bill will lead discussion on chapters 3 & 4.  Join us Sunday in the Grace Room at 9:00 am for conversation and a cup of coffee. Everyone is welcome.


It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since we completed the long term vision and planning for the church. So, with our new pastor in tow, it’s time to start again. Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7, we will plan to meet in the Grace Room for a mini-planning retreat. Good food will be available for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and Saturday lunch. All are welcome.

Save the date now and know there is more to come including a sign-up sheet.

Here’s to the future!



Darn That Jesus!

“Which of the two did the will of his father?” They said, “The first.” Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you.” – Matthew 21:28-32 Darn that Jesus! Isn’t it just like him to mess up my Sunday. Here I was planning to go to church where I could pledge my support for truth, justice, kindness, generosity and all right causes and feel pretty good about myself, before coming home to take a long nap, watch a violent football game, have a few stiff drinks with dinner and go to bed.   And then this. This story of two brothers. One a yes-man. “Yup, Daddy, that’s right, I’m off to the vineyard. No, don’t thank me, it’s the right thing to do!” He then snuck out the back to go joy-riding and catch a movie. The other son, never very cooperative, told the old man, “forget it.” But then, surprise, he couldn’t quite forget it himself and went down to the fields to help out, working a long, hot day.   How does this happen? How does it happen that we say “yes” but do “no”? How does it happen that we say things, and really believe them at the time, but they don’t translate into the way we live and the actions we take?   And how does it happen that at least sometimes the people that don’t seem to give a hoot about all the right values and pretty much thumb their noses at them, go out of their way to help out and give all they’ve got?


Well, here I am stuck in church, messed up by Jesus . . . Here I am wondering if it’s me he’s talking about. Here I am thinking the amazing thing is that despite all the times I have said “yes” and done “no,” he’s come to sit now at my side. And this is what he says, “Let’s give it another shot. Don’t just believe in me, follow me. Here we go. That’s right. Just follow me, you’ll get it.”

Found in Still Speaking, written by Tony Robinson

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Carolyn


The annual Gala and Auction for the Disciples Center at Tawakoni will begin at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 24, at the camp. Over $23,500 was raised in 2014 for the camp.

Schedule:      10:30 Check-in & Silent Auction.       12:10 Chapel Dedication.       12:30 Dinner in Dining Hall


Tickets are $30 per person. Let’s fill a table again this year from Pine Valley. See Pastor Carolyn to register.

Be Reconciled:

Move Together, Heal Together, Bound Together


Through your generous giving, doors are opening! When you give to Reconciliation Ministry, you are supporting the development of young leaders, promoting conversation models for congregations and community groups and enabling Regional granting programs that enliven our camps and congregational ministry. Your giving ultimately restores the beloved community that is “inextricably bound together in a network of mutuality,” empowering all of God’s family to be fully whole. The 2015 Reconciliation Offering will be received on September 27th and October 4th



Just a reminder that this Sunday is our commitment day for our 2016 Stewardship Campaign.  If you have not yet turned in your 2016 Estimate of Giving Card, bring it to church this Sunday and place it in the Offering Bag when passed.  If you need an Estimate of Giving Card there will be one available for you at church on Sunday.  Remember our estimate of giving for the 2016 year is important to the church leadership to enable them to develop the church budget so that we can most effectively carry out the mission of the church to spread the good news and help others.

As I encouraged last Sunday if you have not pledged in the past please consider doing so this year and if you do pledge please consider increasing your pledge for 2016.

For those who have turned in your pledge already they will be put in the offering bag for you.

May God Shine Through You

Dave Roy