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May Approved Mission Council Available

The Mission Council meeting minutes from May are now available.  If you would like a copy, please contact Pamela in the office  for an electronic or hard copy.


Looking for Leaders

As we look towards the future and come into the second half of the year, it is time to continue looking forward and start looking at additional leadership opportunities that are available.

The first is an opportunity to be part of the stewardship campaign for 2015.  Join Greg Yarnell and Muffin Overstreet as the planning begins for both the 2015 budget and the campaign.  If you are interested, please contact Natalie Byington.

The second opportunity is looking towards 2015 and pondering the position of Financial Secretary.  Greg is willing to work an apprenticeship with the person interested prior to the end of the year.  If you might be interested, please contact Greg or Natalie.


Congregational Meeting

This coming weekend we will have the opportunity to meet, greet, and ask questions of our prospective minister.  We will come together for a congregational meeting on Sunday, August 3rd after service in the Grace Room.  This will be an opportunity for us to join in on discussion of the weekend and opportunity to determine whether the prospective minister will be called to serve as part of Pine Valley’s future.  For this meeting to be most effective, I encourage everyone who can to participate in the coming weekend’s activities.  To encourage all to participate in the August 3 congregational meeting, all voting will be by paper ballot.



I will be distributing statements to all who have pledged, showing pledged versus actual giving for January 2014 – June 2014. I received a question on the Pledged number. It represents six months, not the full year. Pledges are usually spread out over the full year, so I keep track of them on either a weekly or monthly basis.

If you have any questions on your statement, please contact me. Also, if you didn’t pledge, but would like a giving statement, let me know.

Greg Yarnell Financial Secretary


Our friends at Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have joined us for the “Be a Child Hunger Hero” promotion.

Running July 15, 2014, to August 12, 2014, participating restaurants are encouraging their guests to help local children in their community who experience hunger.  Guests can donate $1, $3, $5 or the amount of their choice while dining at Taco Bell or Pizza Hut.  And guests can even donate at the drive thru!

All funds raised will be utilized for the Food 4 Kids weekend backpack program.  Be on the lookout for specially marked signs in your community and “Be a Child Hunger Hero” today!

Kansas Food Bank


I remember reading about a person who visited a small church in Georgia or one of the other southern states. He arrived in time to attend the adult education class before worship. There were four or five men in the group. He was surprised to see that they conducted their meeting according to a rather close reading of Robert’s Rules of Order. So it was a rather formal session for such a small group of people who obviously knew each other well. When he thought it was an appropriate time in the session he asked about this unusual behavior. The members of the group told him that it was extremely important to them that they follow Robert’s Rules of Order because the church is one of the birth places of democracy, and one of the few places we have in our society to practice democratic processes and decision-making. Following Robert’s Rules of Order was a way of reminding themselves of this tradition, and of preparing each other to participate in the democratic process in society. Because they actively participated in the democratic process in their church, they were prepared to actively participate in an open society that valued everyone’s input—including theirs.


Pine Valley Christian Church follows Robert’s Rules of Order loosely interpreted and applied. We don’t have people calling for a point of order or asking for a ruling from the Parliamentarian. We are all glad for that. But we do value the democratic process. And we value the participation of all our members in worship and in all the affairs of our congregation.


This is a long-winded way of saying your participation in the events at church on the week-end of July 25-27 when the ministerial candidate visits is important. The process is not a mere formality. You are being asked to help make a decision that will have real implications for the future of Pine Valley Christian Church. So my word for this week is plan to prayerfully participate in this important democratic process. Thank you.



Worship on Sunday, July 20, will be a song/hymn fest. We will make our worship on this day a celebration in song. Let’s raise our voices and our spirits in song.



Our top candidate for the Senior Minister position will visit Wichita and PVCC the weekend of July 25-27. On Sunday, July 27, she will present the morning message during the worship service, which will be followed by a potluck luncheon.  We’re excited about her visit and hope everyone will find time to visit with and get to know our candidate the weekend of July 25-27.

If you’ve not done so, please sign up to visit with the candidate at one of the two Saturday (July 26) “Meet ‘n Greet” locations:

  • At 9 am on Saturday, July 26 - at Shirley and Lorrie Beck’s house (2704 N. Battin; northeast Wichita, near the church – 249-6222).
  • At 2 pm on Saturday, July 26 - at Cheryl and Dave Roy’s house (810 N. Covington St.; west side of town – 722-9532).Barb Helm-Powell is helping coordinate transportation.


  • If you need a ride to either location,
  • At 9:30 am on Sunday morning we ask parents to bring children and youth for their own special meeting with the candidate.


  • Mission Council members, staff, and spouses/significant others will meet with the candidate on  Friday, July 25, at 6 pm at Connie & Phil Dietz’s house.


Everyone is welcome to provide questions to the candidate … give your questions to any Search Team member or place them in the box that will be on the table in the church foyer on Sunday. The post-worship potluck luncheon with the candidate on Sunday, July 27, will feature a Summer Salad theme.  Bring your favorite summer salad (or bread), along with dinnerware (plate, bowl, utensils).  Hospitality will provide drinks.


Have we told you that as a Team, we are unanimously thrilled with the candidate that will come to visit Pine Valley in a little more than a week?  Her skills, education, and experience are top-notch and, like David has for the past 2 years, she will bring enthusiasm, passion, and the love of Christ into our midst! We are blessed and honored to have her answer our call for a new Senior Minister.


Have you seen others wearing a shirt with a Pine Valley logo and wished you had one, also? The church office has a large size and one X-large size. Contact the church office if you are interested.


David Hansen’s messageA Speech Heard Around the World”. Reading from our tradition will be Matthew 13: 1-9”.


We are all thinking ahead to July 27th, not because that it is my birthday, which it is, but because this is the weekend that the ministerial candidate will be in town. There is a growing spirit of anticipation in the air. Naturally we are all curious and want to know about the candidate. I thought it might be helpful if I could share with you ways to prepare to welcome the candidate—my short list of do’s and don’ts.

It will be helpful to be able to talk about the things that you really like about Pine Valley and what makes this church special to you. If you are not able to be here the weekend the candidate is here make a few brief notes for the Ministerial Search Committee that they could share on your behalf. In addition to thinking about what makes PVCC special, think about what role PVCC plays in the life of the community. And, think about some questions you might like to ask the candidate. Open ended questions are best. So, for example, instead of asking “What theologians do you like to read?” you might ask, “What theologians have had the greatest impact on your ministry, and how would you describe it?” Asking good questions is an art. Think about your reason for asking the question. What do you want to know? Are you looking for suggestions about books to read, or do you want to know something else? The goal is to get to know the candidate and to help the candidate get to know you and PVCC.

There are also some things that we may want to do that I think are understandable but not constructive in the long run. We want as much information about the candidate as possible, and we would like it as soon as possible. But the Search Committee has to weigh this understandable desire on the part of the congregation with the candidate’s need for confidentiality. As someone who has moved many times I know that accepting a call to a new church impacts your relationship with others in your present position and the employment of other members of your family and the welfare of your children. I do not know anything about this particular candidate, but I do know that the candidate is the person who must be the one who decides what information is most appropriate to share and when it is appropriate to share it. For now our work as members of PVCC is to be in a spirit of prayer for the church, the Search Committee, and the candidate and to do what we can to prepare ourselves for the weekend of July 27th.




Worship on Sunday, July 20th will be a song/hymn fest. We will make our worship on this day a celebration in song. If you have a favorite hymn we have not sung recently, or one that you would like to sing again please make a note. Give your selection to Jeff or David or leave it in the office on Sunday, July 13th and we will make it part of our worship on the 20th.

Let’s raise our voices and our spirits in song.