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It is my pleasure to introduce to you Kerry Wilkes who will be with us Sunday, January 31, 2016. She will bring the message in worship and conduct a workshop following worship on letter writing to our legislators. There are some important bills before the State Representatives and Senate. Kerry will bring us key information impacting the LGBTQ Community and how we can have a voice.


Dr. Kerry Wilkes joined the faculty of Wichita State in 2004. She is associate professor of Spanish and Associate Dean of Graduate School. Dr. Wilkes received her BA in International Studies from Rhodes College; MA in Spanish from Auburn University and PhD in Spanish from the University of Chicago.


Her research/teaching interests include Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Spanish Literature (specifically, the theater of the Spanish Golden Age); Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature; Twentieth-Century Latin American Theater; Ekphrasis; and Performance Studies.  She is currently working on a manuscript from the little-known late seventeenth-century writer Baltasar Funes y Villalpando and participating in a pedagogy/translation/interpretation project with scholars across the country on playwright and musician Juan del Encina.


In her spare time she is Chairperson of the South Central chapter of Equality Kansas. Equality Kansas serves to end discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


Please attend worship and stay after for this important workshop.

Pastor Carolyn


Guest speaker, Dr. Kerry Wilkes, will be with us to bring a message on “Equality Kansas”            in worship and conduct a workshop following worship on letter writing to our legislators. “1 Corinthians 13:1-13      ” is the Reading from Our Tradition. Special Music is “Help Us Accept Each Other” ~ John Ness Beck.


The city of Flint, Michigan switched its water source in 2014 as a cost-saving measure. The new source, the Flint River, had high levels of corrosive contaminates, which caused lead pipes to leach. The levels of lead in the tap water became dangerous across the city, and highly toxic in the most severely affected areas.

From the cross, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.” Yet, in his suffering he received only a sponge of vinegar to relieve his thirst, as the soldiers responded with contempt. For a year the people of Flint, MI cried out “We are thirsty!” Yet, they received only contaminated water to drink.

In response to the cries of their community, Vermont Christian Church in Flint became a designated water distribution center. In further response to the crisis, the Michigan Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ have taken action, launching a cooperative initiative: The Gospel in Action-Flint. Through this partnership, Vermont Christian Church will be able to continue providing water, filters, and other needed items.

With the Federal Emergency Declaration announced on Jan. 16, additional government funds are available to the city of Flint and its residents, but this assistance will cover only approximately 75% of the costs. The need for a compassionate response, thus, remains.

Week of Compassion is committed to providing support to The Gospel in Action-Flint and will continue to do so through the coming months. You can contribute to the response: donate on the Week of Compassion website, with the designation “Flint, Michigan Water Crisis.”

Even now the people of Flint call to us all: “We are thirsty!” Let us respond with compassion.


The Seekers class started a new book written by David Hansen entitled American Indians, the Mainline Church, and the Quest for Interracial Justice.  The class was full for the first session and there is plenty of room for YOU to join this fun, interesting and unusual conversation!  The materials are photocopied and we are still figuring out the details of how to distribute it to Seekers participants, so we’ll have to be a bit flexible in that regard.  Hope to see you Sunday in the Grace Room at 9 am. 



Sunday, January 31 Kerry Wilkes of Kansas Equality will be with us in worship to bring us up to date on the upcoming legislative session.  Kansas Equality specifically champions the issues of the LGBTQ community.  The 2016 legislative session will call upon us to put our theology into action.  Kerry will lead a workshop after worship on how to effectively communicate with legislators.  While Kerry has declined a speaker honorarium, Kansas Equality would gladly accept a donation. Please consider such a gift on Sunday.  A lunch of soup and crackers will be served.  Please bring you own service – bowl, spoon, glass, etc.  Faith Sharing/PR Spirit Team

The Alternative Chili Cook-off

Our final IAS fundraiser!

Help send Nicholas Yocum on the Christian education trip of a lifetime.

This fundraiser is in lieu of having a chili cook-off. There will be no cook-off.

You’ve already blessed us with your financial generosity to make this event happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This trip is an investment in Nick’s future as a Christian adult. Our church has been sending youth since 1966 to the International Affairs Seminar. It is a life changing event, an experience that stays with our youth throughout their adult lives.

We’re short a mere $400 of meeting the goal. If you feel so moved, fill out the form below and return to PVCC, or drop in the offering bag. Checks should be made out to PVCC, with IAS in the note line.

For a copy of the form phone PV church office at 685-2421.



“Why Did Jesus Say the Poor Will Always be With You?” is the message to be given by Rev. David Hansen, Pulpit Supply Minister. “John 12:1-8” is the Reading From Our Tradition. Special Music is “As We Break the Bread” ~ Althouse.                                                                                


The Seekers class will be starting a new book this Sunday, January 24.  It should be fun and interesting, and it’s certainly unusual!  David Hansen is in the process of publishing a book entitled American Indians, the Mainline Church, and the Quest for Interracial Justice.  He has generously offered to lead a book study in our Seekers class.  We’ll be working with photocopied material, and are still figuring out the details of how to distribute it to Seekers participants, so we’ll have to be a bit flexible in that regard.  We’ll figure that out, along with other logistics, when we meet on the Sunday, January 24th.  Hope to see you Sunday (Grace Room, 9am) for this exciting new activity! Bill Delaney


It truly does take a village to create our worship service each week.  First are the members of WAM who plan numerous special services each year. i.e. Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, All Saints Sunday, World Communion Sunday, Agape Feast, and many more. Every Sunday there is a dedicated group of people who work together to create that week’s service. Tim handles all of the sound equipment and manages the AV team.  Several people (Lori, Pam, Tim and others) are on the AV team that is responsible for the slides each Sunday.  Pamela and Carolyn create the weekly bulletin and order of worship.  Jeff, Judy (with able substitute – Greg), the choir and Epiphany provide the stirring music each week.  Brenda greets us every Sunday with announcements and an invitation to “Pass the Peace”.  Decor including the banners and communion table are created by the decor team of Diane and Connie (along with help from Kirk, Phil, David and Sally).  People step in on occasion by leading prayers, giving the communion meditation, doing pulpit supply and other roles. We have lay people serving as liturgists, providing the communion bread, and being servants.  And most important is the spiritual message brought to us by Carolyn.  I invite you to take a moment and say thank you to one of the many people who work together to create a meaningful worship experience each week.

Connie Dietz, WAM Facilitator


We received $1,000 from the Reconciliation Offering for the Birthday Backpack Program.