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A Poverty Simulation

Saturday, February 21, 2015

West Heights United Methodist Church

745 N. Westlink, Wichita

Sponsored by Wichita Circles Network


A Poverty Simulation is a series of role-playing scenarios that give participants the opportunity to learn about the realities of poverty and its effects. Participants adopt a new persona and a family profile they must live with for the duration of the exercise. The power of this unique learning resource generates real insight into the state of chronic stress and the life barriers that low-income families endure daily. At the conclusion of the exercise, there will be opportunity for discussion. Please register before February 13th, by calling West Heights UMC at 722-3805 or the online link is



Carolyn will share the Message titled “The Urgency of Now”. Reading from our Tradition

“Mark 1:14-20″. PVCC Choir will be singing the Special Music “Psalm 96”.


We did a little class planning on this beautiful 60 degree Sunday morning and didn’t get to the video series.  So January 25 join us for super healthy and delicious (yes, you can have both) coffee cake while we discuss the The Myth of Redemptive Violence (lesson #11).  We are also planning a game night.  More details to follow. See ya’ll at 9:00 on Sunday. Please contact Bill Delaney if you would like to receive the PDF files for this series.



The newly formed group, “Wichita Clergy for Equality” met last Thursday at Pine Valley Christian Church. Our guest was Kerry Wilks from the organization – Equality Kansas: The mission of Equality Kansas is “to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and to fight for full equality and civil rights for all LGBT Kansans.” Kerry seemed very thankful for the interest of our new clergy group.


Amongst the needs of Equality Kansas is to know which clergy and which churches support their mission. This is very important as it can be expected that legalized discrimination bills (“religious freedom” bills) will be introduced again in this year’s legislative session. In the needs discussed at the meeting is the willingness of church members who are willing to make phone calls and write letters concerning legalized discrimination. Kerry will give notice to the churches as the need arises. If you are willing to make a phone call or write a letter please contact me or the church office so we can make a database and be in touch the most expeditious way as possible.


Remember to pray for justice in Kansas.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Carolyn


Carolyn will share the Message titled “If I Had Sneezed”. Reading from our Tradition “Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18″. Jeff Dary will be singing the Special Music “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”.


We will continue the video series Living the Questions with lesson #11 The Myth of Redemptive Violence on January 18. We welcome any newcomers or returners at 9:00 on Sundays. Please contact Bill Delaney if you would like to receive the PDF files for this series



Saturday, January 31, 2015 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church – Mother Seton Hall

645 N.  119th Street West (Southwest corner of Central and 119 th)

9:30 am (please arrive a bit early to complete paperwork) All are welcome.  Please call Sheryl Gulick, Volunteer Coordinator, at the Lord’s Diner at 266-4966 if you have questions.


We would like to say “Welcome” to Kami Donohue and Nickole Donohue who were received in membership effective Sunday, January 11, 2015 joining Pine Valley Christian Church. Please let Kami and Nickole know how happy you are to have them both as members of our PVCC family.


A Prayer for 2015

Here we go again, God.

Another year begins with its new resolutions

replacing last year’s broken, unfulfilled ones.

Give me strength and resolve to set realistic goals

and follow through on them.


More importantly,

please do something about this broken, suffering world,

where politicians work for corporate sponsors rather than public good,

where the wounds of institutional racism continue to fester and bleed,

where people justify killing their neighbors in your holy name,

where the world heats and threatens to incinerate as leaders cower.


Ignite in others and me a fiery compassion.

Renew our hope in your revolutionary call to world transformation.

Pull us away from mindless, distracting devices,

and guide us on your road of justice.

Make 2015 a year of the real peace you showed us in Jesus. Amen.

Found in “The Thoughtful Christian”

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Carolyn


Carolyn will share the Message “Baptism and New Beginnings”. Reading from our Tradition “Mark 1:4-11″. PVCC Men’s Trio will be singing the Special Music “We Three Kings”.