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Fall is an exciting time for Pine Valley Christian Church as members gather after a summer of activities.  The theme for FALL FESTIVAL 2014 is HANDS AND FEET OF GOD: CHURCH AND COMMUNITY.  We will celebrate the various ministries of the church.  “Hands” of God depict member care – how we as a gathered faith community care for each other spiritually, emotionally and physically.  “Feet” of God depict community care – how we as a scattered community of faith minister in a variety of ways in our community, both individually and in small groups. We will have lots of fun with “hands” and “feet” this fall.

We will continue to celebrate the various ministries of the PVCC over the next five weeks during our Pledge Drive 2015.  Pledge drive brochures and pledge cards are available. The youth are building a climbing wall to depict progress toward the $126,766 pledge goal.  The pledge drive team is offering learning circles (see below) on the 2015 budget.  Please plan to join the HANDS Day on Saturday, October 4 as we spiff up the church for Carolyn and Ken’s arrival. We will wrap-up the pledge drive on October 12, celebrating the generosity of PVCC members.

Pledge Drive Team (Greg Yarnell, Dave Roy and Muffin Overstreet)