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About Pine Valley Christian Church

Our Vision: Caring for all God’s children and following Jesus’ example by welcoming everyone, regardless of race, national origin, social or financial status, gender, age, sexual orientation or anything else.

Our Theology: We believe God’s love is big enough for all people and no one group “owns” God.  We believe Jesus was a rebel in his time and died because of how he lived and what he taught.  We believe Christ lives in each of us and calls us to follow his example of radical love.  We believe the Bible is story and should be read as such and never used to condemn.  We believe in peace and justice for all.

Our Values: Pine Valley values diversity at many levels – spiritual, theological, social, economical, generational.  We are open and affirming:  a place to heal and grow.  We live in respectful presence of those who are different than ourselves.

Our History and Future: Founded in 1968, Pine Valley Christian Church has a rich history of social activism and progressive theology.  We acknowledge that many people today have a problem with religion and “traditional” church.  Pine Valley Christian Church offers forward-thinking Christianity for the 21st century.

Thinking: Pine Valley encourages diversity of thought.  It is a safe place to question traditional church teaching.

Our Philosophy: The past is forgiven, the present is accepted, the future is open.

Caring: Pine Valley is a small, intimate church.  We laugh, hug, sing, and share life together.  Services are informal, participation is encouraged and you are welcomed as you are!

Children:  Pine Valley is a place for children of traditional and non-traditional families to grow spiritually.  Children and youth participate in all aspects of worship, including Family Moment, communion, prayer and more.