When the building of the caretaker house began last fall, every South Central Church was challenged to take part in building it. Since many of you said that you were painters or that you had other indoor finishing skills, we could certainly use your help!

The paint is being ordered this week and painting will begin May 22. Some brushes and rollers will be provided (bring your own if you want) and wear your paint clothes!

If you can take part, contact Vern Failor, at

If you have other indoor skills, such as, laying tile, installing laminate flooring, installing plumbing fixtures and light fixtures, fitting out the closets, hanging doors, installing trims, etc., now is the time to speak up and claim your favorite jobs!

So far, these South Central churches have met the challenge: Woodridge, Riverside, Pine Valley, and Hillside. It’s time — tell Jessica that you’re here so she can note your church on our District roster at or  (316) 775-1236.