2017 Spirit Fest

Sunday, January 22, we will have our annual Spirit Fest worship service. During this time we make our individual commitments to serve the church through a spirit team.  Spirit teams are responsible for planning worship, events, and mission. Spirit teams are: Hospitality: takes care of our celebrations such as weddings and baby showers, graduate recognition, and other special… Read more 2017 Spirit Fest

Last Sunday for Christmas Special Offering:

The congregation’s brand new pastor had trouble sleeping. Transitions are difficult– new people, new setting, new challenges. It was a lot to handle, even in all the excitement about the same things, and it was keeping him up too late. The Regional Minister made a welcome call, and was surprised when the new pastor poured… Read more Last Sunday for Christmas Special Offering:

David’s Book Signing a Success!

The book signing last Saturday was awesome!  Over 30 people gathered to hear David talk about his new book, followed by some great questions and discussion.  If you missed it, we videotaped the discussion and we will make it available on our website very soon.  There was great food, music, and conversation.  David even sold… Read more David’s Book Signing a Success!