David’s Diary

My DOC calendar reminds me that today, June 5th, is “World Environment Day.” June, 8th is “World Oceans Day.” These are good reminders of our responsibility to care for the earth. These important observances also remind of us the need for faith communities to stand with all who support the Paris climate accord. Checking the website I learned that 200 mayors and 10 governors have pledged to uphold the Paris accord. It was not clear to me if all 200 had signed the Climate Mayors agreement. When I checked the list I did not see any city in Kansas on either list, but it is being updated on a regular basis. Now is not the time to slow down efforts to reduce pollution and protect the environment. Now is the time to contact all our elected officials and urge them to enlist or re-enlist in efforts to protect our environment. On a national level this includes preserving our national parks and monuments. Let’s make World Environment Day and World Ocean’s Day days of action.

I want to again extend an invitation to attend our 9:00 adult study of The Postcolonial Bible, edited by R. S. Sugirtharajah. You do not need to buy the book to come and share in the conversation. The class will meet June 11 and 25, but not on Father’s Day, June 18. This week our conversation will focus on the Gospel of Matthew 28: 19 (the Great Commission), and the missionary journeys of Paul (Acts 13-14, 15:40-18:22, 18: 22—21: 16. Depending on time we may also take a look at the Gospel of John. I hope you can join us.

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