Keep Our Children Safe

Global Faith In Action & Beyond Tolerance are co-hosting with the City of Wichita an event April 12, 6:30pm at Century II Exhibition Hall. This event, Keeping Our Children Safe, is a movement to address the various issues facing the youth in our community. It is a preventive step to hear from students, parents, educators, and others involved with making our community safe. From this event, we hope to hear from the public, and learn about the challenges that our children face.

Through a Listen, Discuss, Learn, Understand and Take Action approach, it’s aimed to go beyond the headlines, beyond the hot topic issues and deal with real life concerns of the youth in our community. It will with dialogue that leads to action and then working proactively as a community to help our children be safe in their homes and schools, in public and online.

There will be leaders in community and individuals from organizations focused on safety of our youth speaking at this event. For more information and registration:

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