Please consider joining many Kansans and call Gov. Colyer on Wednesday, February 7 in support of KanCare/KS Medicaid expansion. It’s easy: call 785-296-3232 or 877-579-6757 (toll free) and ask the Governor to expand KanCare this session. Leave a simple message and your zip code. For more information go to

But don’t stop there. Contact your state legislators too. Go to for contact information and
more information on Medicaid expansion from Kansas Interfaith Action and Rabbi Moti.

There will be a hearing on Medicaid Expansion on February 14, in the Senate Health Committee. As we did last year, KIFA will be testifying in support of expansion.

The hearing isn’t strictly necessary as there are already bills that have had hearings and could be moved to the floor any time. However, our allies in the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas believe that a hearing will help build momentum and public support for the bill.

Nevertheless, Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning has made it pretty clear that he has no intention of allowing a KanCare expansion bill to come to the floor. So when it does (and I think it will be when, not if), it will be through an amendment or some other legislative tactic.

We believe there will be a vote on Medicaid expansion this year, so it’s really worth continuing to tell your legislator (and the new governor) that you support expanding KanCare.

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