Faith in Action

Some of the ways that Pine Valley Members show their faith:

  • Provide birthday backpacks for under-privileged children who would not otherwise have a birthday party.
  • Granny Underpants program provides socks and underwear for under-privileged children at the beginning of each school year
  • Serve at the Lord’s Diner once a month
  • Sponsor an Alternative Gift Market booth to inspire support for humanitarian and environmental causes locally and globally
  • Participate in Love Wichita working alongside other churches to clean up our city
  • Support preschool feeding programs in Malawi, Africa
  • Prepare and serve meals for the homeless at an overflow shelter during the winter months
  • Participate in Unicef, AIDs Walk, Crop Walk, and various other community service activities
  • Collect school supplies for children for School Supply Slide program
  • Give our pocket change each Sunday to the Food4Kids program which provides a backpack of food for kids to take home on the weekend
  • Gather hygiene items for the Women’s Crisis Center


A giant THANKS to everyone who helped make my ‘living estate sale’ such a success.  First to Carmen Bell, without her this would not have been such a success.  Carmen put in countless hours, organizing and staging everything.  Thank You to the many wonderful Pine Valley family for your help in so many ways.  Thank you Abe and Betty, Gaye and Muffin, Kirk and Diane, Marilyn, Leigh, Jon, Dave Roy, Lorrie, Harriett, Linda and Brenda, Steve and Karen, Pam, Jan, Connie and Phil, Mike and Adele, Mike Atakpa and Melanie and anyone else that I may have missed.  At this moment we have netted over $3,650!!! This money will be used to fund our Birthday Backpack Program in Oaklawn.  Again, thank you, I am stunned what a great group of people we are.  Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  I’m sure those kids in Oaklawn would agree.  I do feel 20 pounds lighter! 

Again, thanks. Linda McLachlan