The Progressive Bible

The Bible was a radically progressive document for its time and place, something we often overlook as we look back at its words today. This class and dialogue, led by Patrick Courtney, will explore the culture and history of the society that produced this special text, as well as, discuss ways to wrap our modern minds around it to get at the core of its message to us. Following that, we’ll dive into some of the early books and explore them from this perspective. The group will meet for 4-5 weeks on Wednesdays at 6:00pm, beginning April 4; please feel free to “brown-bag” food or drink for yourself if you’d like. Attending every session is not required, although it will give a more full experience. ALL are welcome!

Tentative class schedule:
April 4th: What is/isn’t the Bible?
April 11th: Exploring the tales of early Genesis
April 18th: The real message of Leviticus
April 25th: Deuteronomy and the social contract

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