Join us at 9:00am for the adult education class! The class continues to study the New Testament in chronological order, as presented in Marcus Borg’s book, “Evolution of the Word”. Last week the class studied the Gospel of Mark, written in the year 70, after a four-year war with the Roman Empire and after the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. The Temple complex had fortressed buildings and walls over 300 feet high, built of massive stones, some weighing more than 200 tons. As the literal earthly dwelling place for God, the Temple was expected eternally to exist. The destruction of the Temple complex was almost unimaginable for first century Jews. The Gospel of Mark asks the reader the hard question, “How do we live in a world dominated by forces of the Empire?” Join us next week as we examine James and Colossians. The discussion will be led by David Hansen (you do not need a copy of Borg’s book to attend).