This fall we are excited! We had a great time worshiping together and eating good grub last Sunday. So what’s next? Where do we go next? Well that is an excellent question! In order to answer what’s next we need to understand our core vision and mission as it relates to our faith, experience, and traditions.

In other words what does it mean to be “Thinking Christians, Living Diversity, Seeking Justice” in this time and place? As we look forward, fall seemed like the perfect time to explore some major issues in our community and world through the lens of our vision statement. In worship we will begin exploring poverty through this set of lenses.

We will ponder what does our tradition, scripture, and experience help us understand about poverty and our relationships with this who are dealing with poverty? How are people of color disproportionately affected by poverty? Next week we’ll be exploring what does it mean to seek justice? How do we move from acts of mercy to acts of justice? How do we avoid the “I know what’s best for you syndrome?” Is that even related to our faith?

This fall, we’ll continue to explore these types of questions and more, in worship as they relate to other major topics in our community and world.

We do this not out of some political agenda but because our faith traditions and experiences inform our daily lives and there is much to say about right relationships in our tradition and scriptures.