From the creators of the themes of cultivating and letting go:

“As we studied this year’s lectionary texts together as a team, we discovered a common thread of earthiness, of stories incorporating agrarian or natural elements. The word ‘cultivate’ quickly emerged for us; when we started fleshing out the meaning of this word, we thought of the work of the gardener. Cultivating requires effort, energy, intention, care. At the same time, the gardener teaches us that cultivating also necessitates patience, waiting, relinquishing control, letting go. Since Lent is traditionally a season when we give something up as a means for spiritual growth, we liked the idea of refining our Lenten focus on what God is cultivating in and through us, and also what we are letting go of to allow space for something new to grow.” -Lisle Gwynn Garrity

This season we’ll explore these themes of cultivation and letting go from a variety of angles that will incorporate our personal and community practices. There is a Lenten devotional available that follows the weekly themes and has opportunities for coloring and journal reflections.

Each week during worship we will have a station set up where we can offer notes of what we need to let go and what we wish to cultivate. The notes will be shredded and added to compost bins. You are invited to bring small amounts of compost (coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, no meat please) for our compost bins.

There will also be weekly coloring reflections available for you to color during worship or take home.

This Lent, as we begin to journey towards new life I hope you will come and ponder together what it means to let go, what needs to be let go of, and what needs cultivation. Come share the journey together!